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Organic and Natural Skin care Sativa from Europe in the USA

What makes SATIVA special?

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Everyday face and body care for any type skin of any age

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Natural and non-damaging everyday cleaning for a face

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Anti-Age line with biotechnological active ingredients for skin rejuvenation

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Highly concentrated active components of this line are for dramatically slowing the aging process

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Intensive skin nourishment after prolonged stress factors

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Regular and natural hair and scalp care, with additional intensive care for hair loss

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I’ve ordered the whole skin care line for myself: this toner 57, cleansing milk 52, day cream 29 and night cream 25 and I do love them! Excellent natural products for my sensitive skin! No irritation – gentle cleansing and delicate skin care. And I love their nice herbal smell!  


Very, very delicate scrub! I’ve combination skin type and this scrub not only cleanses but polishes your skin! Works well with dark spots and clogged pores. I can see significant improvement after using it for 1 month – my face looks healthier, I used to have oily shine in my t-zone, but not anymore. I have better complexion and I feel that my skin is well moisturized and nourished. I’m 29 and I’ve been also using day cream 20 and night cream 26


I have a foam #53, toner #57, night cream #25 and this #23 as a day cream and I’m so happy with these products! I gotta tell you that they work just amazing: the foam cleans gently and does not dry my skin, lavender water toner moisturizes, creams absorb quickly and I do not have oily shine in the morning or during the day. My skin is healthier and I have better complexion just in 1 month! 


I love these creams. I ordered two because #33 is a day cream and #37 is a night one. I'm 23 and I have a very oily skin type. I can tell you that both creams absorb very fast, moisturize and also mattify my skin. I don't have the oily shine in the morning and during the day my makeup looks nice!


I love this #54! It is very gentle and at the same time it cleanses my face effectevely without drying it out. I have a very sensitive skin type and I used to have irritation all the time after cleansing my face, so I was looking for such a gentle foam for a long time.