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Use No.52 Milk to begin cleansing – this is the most physiologically intelligent cleanser for the skin it works gently without drying out or irritating your skin. It is suitable for all skin types and ages.
If you wear little makeup (mascara, mineral powder) or don't use any makeup at all, this milk will be more than enough for a thorough cleansing: makeup removing + washing. Then you can proceed to toning.
No.53/54 Foam – this is the second stage of cleansing after a milk (or micellar water). We also recommend using the foam if you don't feel that milk was sufficient for you (you haven’t yet achieved that "clean skin feeling").
No.55 Micellar water – best for removing heavy or waterproof makeup. Makeup divas should start with micellar water and then wash the rest of makeup and impurities with the foam or milk.
No.50 Scrub – add it to your weekly cleansing regimen (no more than 2 times per week), and if you have dry skin – better once a fortnight or once a month. 
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