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Our Business Story

Organic and natural skincare SATIVA business story and founders

SATIVA – we are a family-owned business, started in Belarus by a husband-and-wife team consisting of a biochemist named Svetlana and a businessman named Viktor. From the very beginning, Svetlana and Victor aimed to make world-class products meeting the latest scientific research but affordable to as many people as possible. Guided by these principles, a scientific approach to manufacturing and a commitment to customer service, SATIVA is already present in 7 countries after only 3 years of operations.

But that is now. Let’s begin at the beginning.

Svetlana, a licensed biochemist, had been working in the cosmetics field for a long time. In her laboratory in Belarus, Svetlana acquired invaluable experience in product formulation. Unfortunately, she also acquired a severe allergy to the chemicals commonly used in mass-produced cosmetics. 

This unpleasant development came with lots of attempts to manage a non-allergenic way of life.  All household detergents were replaced by the gentlest washing powders and cleansers, and Svetlana and Viktor decided changed their approach to eating, too. Seeing first-hand how powerful an effect what you put into the body has on health, they chose to eat only healthy, balanced, home-made food from that point on.

A challenge remained, however. At the beginning of the 2000s, finding organic cosmetics in Belorussian stores was practically impossible. One day Svetlana got fed up with all that and said: “Am I not capable of making cream?!” And so, she went to buy some oils and extracts and began doing what she did best: formulating and reformulating. 

Little by little, all Svetlana’s friends and relatives tested newly made creams and asked Svetlana to prepare custom-made creams for them too. Several years later, it turned out that Svetlana’s little hobby had become a small business.

Paired with Viktor’s business acumen, the couple spent several more years putting the finishing touches on their recipes and their certifications, ordering unique equipment and learning how to manage a lab.

As a product promotion strategy, Svetlana and Victor have chosen the creation of 100% natural products of the highest quality. Central to the company’s mission is education on proper skin care, a personalized customer service approach, and access to the full list of ingredients – as well as explanations on how the ingredients work.

Svetlana and Viktor don’t engage in expensive marketing campaigns, nor do they use trendy, well-advertised but overrated ingredients. Company money is spent only on sourcing high-quality ingredients, with scientifically proven efficacy, from the best suppliers in the world.

This is the way SATIVA came onto the European beauty scene in 2014.

In expanding to the US, SATIVA is continuing the tradition of a family business – the American branch is owned and operated by enthusiastic young Belarusian émigrés.