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Detailed about our Serums

Cosmetic serum is a unique product that stands out from other caring cosmetics. Its main purpose is to prolong skin youthfulness. In order to get this the most effective cosmetic components are administered in the serum formulations in the most effective dosages. Most of these components are aimed at STIMULATION of certain processes in the skin. But this is not enough.
Any stimulation should be followed by intensive nutrition of skin cells and activation of its ENERGY processes. If there is none, then nutrient and energy reserves of skin cells are likely to be drained thus provoking active skin ageing instead of rejuvenating. In order to retain the delicate biochemical equilibrium, the skin must be offered some BUILDING MATERIAL which should be recognized as the most compatible. Also, the skin has to be offered some substances that it would be able to use for both the synthesis of the structural elements vital for it and for activation of those biochemical processes that the SKIN ITSELF FINDS NECESSARY.


We have developed the serums that truly rejuvenate the skin. They do it gently with the utmost care as long as they were created with the use of natural and plant components only.  


Organic and Natural Skin Care SATIVA detailed information about our Serum line

SATIVA presents a set of two serums that has a long and persistent rejuvenating effect and resists the age-related changes at several levels.


                                                                             DAY SERUM                    NIGHT SERUM

resists oxidative ageing - reduces                          ++                                   +++
oxidative stress diminishing a number
of free radicals which damage skin cells


resists inflammatory ageing - helps                        +                                     +++
the skin fight chronic age-related
inflammation reducing the production
of inflammatory mediators
activates the regenerative                                     +++                                     +
functions of the skin -
stimulates the production
and activity of fibroblasts


strengthens the barrier                                          ++                                     +++
functions of the skin -
restores the protective
hydrolipidic film


regulates the moisturizing                                   +++                                      ++
of the skin - helps to retain
moisture in the skin creating
conditions for the normal
course of biochemical
reactions in the skin


strengthens the energy                                       +++                                      +++
supply of skin cells -
increases the production
of adenosine triphosphoric



The latest theories of ageing attribute all age-related changes in the body to oxidative and inflammatory ageing. These two processes are interrelated. The destructive activity of free radicals (oxidative ageing) depletes the protective and restorative mechanisms resulting in micro-inflammations which get chronic and cause further age-related changes (inflammatory ageing). For example, redness of the skin is a typical manifestation of chronic inflammation as well as increased sensitivity after sunburns.

  • Lipid extract of Laminaria Ochroleuca membranes (Antileukin 6) (manufactured by Seppic, France). Reduces photo- and chronic inflammation, reduces the production of inflammatory mediators (IL1, IL6, TNFα, PGE2, LTB4, COX2). Improves the functioning of skin cells.
  • A blend of extracts and vitamin E. Intercept free radicals in cell membranes, reduce inflammatory ageing caused by UV radiation of all types.
  • Gluconate of zinc and copper. A blend of microelements which includes one of the most powerful antioxidant enzymes of all living organisms - SOD (superoxide dismutase). Its role is the active "capture" and "neutralization" of free radicals in our body.
  • Evening primrose oil and blackcurrant seed oil. Contain an unusually high percentage of essential fatty acids which are the precursors of a vast class of regulatory molecules of the immune system. Have a strong anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Oil extract of the hairy line. Vegetable analogue of vitamin A. It provides powerful antioxidant protection.



The ability of the skin to recover by 90 - 95% depends on the number and activity of fibroblasts. These are the main repair cells of the skin. These unique cells have such a huge potential for changes so that they started to be used as an analogue of stem cells. There are technologies that allow the in vitro cultivation of human fibroblasts, and then implant them back into the skin for intensive rejuvenation. But this is a surgical manipulation. Fortunately, there is an alternative: biochemists have developed methods to maintain the activity of fibroblasts in the skin without traumatic interference.


  • Disodium acetylglucose amine phosphate (NovHyal) (patent of the laboratory Induchem, Switzerland). A derivative of sugars. According to the laboratory, Induchem enhances the mobility and division of fibroblasts in the layers of keratinocytes - increases the activity of fibroblasts by 120% in 48 hours. Enhances cell regeneration and dermo-epidermal interaction.



 Skin health directly depends on the condition of the upper stratum corneum. The drier the skin the more holes and damages in it. Depending on various conditions the amount of moisture in the upper layer of the skin can vary from 10 to 30%. In order to keep it on its surface, the skin produces a special complex of hygroscopic molecules - a natural moisturizing factor. While contacting with detergents and alcohol-containing products and also due to age-related changes in the skin cells the production of a natural moisturizing factor gets broken which leads to a severe loss of moisture not only in the upper layers but also in the deeper layers of the skin.


  • Urea, sucrose hydrolyzate, glycine, alanine, creatine, glycerin (Unimoist) (Induchem laboratory, Switzerland). The closest to the natural complex of hygroscopic substances which allows restoring a natural moisturizing factor of skin. With prolonged use, it normalizes the water balance of the skin.
  • Hydrolyzed beta-glucan (Hydreis) (manufactured by the Soliance laboratory, France). Exopolysaccharide. It restores the protective barrier of the skin, stimulates the production of invovicrin and filorgin, the main proteins of the structure of the granular layer of the skin. Stimulates the synthesis of aquaporin-3 - intercellular channels that support the water balance of the skin. Reduces transepidermal moisture loss.

Human skin is the boundary that separates the internal water environment of the body from the external – air one. Therefore it is like no other organ is most susceptible to loss of fluid during its functioning. If the skin loses moisture for some reason it means that the metabolic processes between the skin cells begin to slow down. Dehydrated skin begins to age prematurely both from the outside and from the inside. The main custodians of water in the skin are hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans.

  • Disodium acetylglucose amine phosphate (NovHyal) (Laboratory Induchem, Switzerland). The precursor of hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans. According to the research center Induchem reactivates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid (by 135% in 48 hours) and glycosaminoglycans (by 43% in 10 days).
  • Ketogluconate calcium (StimulHyal) (laboratory Soliance, France). A derivative of sugars. Stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the mature skin. According to the laboratory, Soliance stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid (by 92.7% over 28 days) and elastin (by 35.8% in 28 days).
  • Encapsulated sodium hyaluronate. High-molecular hyaluronic acid placed in fat-soluble spherulites. It penetrates deep layers of the skin and releases hyaluronic acid there. Replaces injections of hyaluronic acid.
  • Sodium hyaluronate. High molecular weight form of organic polymer (hyaluronic acid salt). Prevents water loss. Promotes the regeneration of tissues without the formation of scar tissue. Has anti-inflammatory effect.



Adenosine triphosphoric acid is a universal source of energy for energy-consuming biochemical and physiological processes in living organisms. For example, these are all reactions of synthesis of complex substances, the active transfer of substances through biological membranes, muscle contraction, etc.

Vegetable oils are a unique building material for skin cells. They are the main structural component of cell membranes, intercellular lipids, ceramides, phospholipids, etc.

  • Aspartate of magnesium, zinc and copper gluconate. Thanks to a combination of magnesium, zinc and copper with organic acids (aspartic and gluconic), respiration and metabolism of skin cells improve, energy supply of cells improves: according to the SEPPIC scientific center, ATP production increases by 34% in 6 hours.
  • A complex of nutrient oils and oily CO2 extracts. Completely covers the skin's need for building materials and ensures the optimal flow of metabolic processes.



We recommend applying the serum to cleansed face and neck skin avoiding an eye area.

Use No.77 Rejuvenating Day Face Serum Complex Moisturizing in the morning and No.88 Rejuvenating Night Face Serum Complex Nutrition only in the evening.

For maximum effect,  do the following:

in the morning use No.77  Serum, in the evening at least 1 hour before bedtime use No.77  Serum and then in 30 minutes apply the No.88 Serum above. 

For dry skin, it is recommended to apply your favourite nourishing cream of the same brand over the serums in 15 minutes after application.

Please, do not expose the serum bottles to direct sunlight.