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Our coolest Day creams

All of our day creams serve as a perfect makeup base. Perfectly selected creams don't leave an oily sheen and aren't sticky. Thanks to that, decorative cosmetics have a long-lasting effect throughout the whole day and do not wear off.  


All our day creams contain high-molecular hyaluronic acid in two forms:

  • High-molecular Hyaluronic Acid, remaining on the skin surface and forming a special membrane: skin can breathe and retain its moisture at the same time.
  • Low-molecular Hyaluronic Acid in lipid-based capsules (encapsulated) moisturizing deep skin layers. Microcapsules penetrate deep into the skin and get dissolved there releasing hyaluronic acid (developed by the French laboratory Soliance). After a range of scientific researches, the Swiss proudly claim that encapsulated hyaluronic acid can easily replace painful and dangerous skin injections of hyaluronic acid!