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Why Do You Need a Night Cream?

You might be able to manage sans day cream, but a night cream is a must! Trust us!

If you want to get real, visible results out of using a cream, you have to think about your night care. Our body heals at night – that’s when the main metabolic and regenerative (reconstructive) processes take place. They don’t take place while we are surfing the Internet or doing something else but when we are sleeping. Think about it: when you get sick, you sleep day and night. This is normal for the human body!
Lately, the cosmetic industry has discredited the idea of a night cream. Most manufacturers still produce them, but the recipes for their night creams are based on their day creams. In most cases a “night” cream just a greasier reformulation of a day cream. Manufacturers themselves admit that there is almost no difference between them.
But effective night creams consist of oils with omega-3, -6 and -9 unsaturated lipids (linoleic and linolenic acids) for your skin’s ultimate nutrition. Examples of these skin-nourishing extracts include:
  • Black currant seed oil
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Sea buckthorn oil
  • Rose oil
These oils are amazing gifts from nature that any manufacturer should be happy to add to their cosmetics. But like all natural extracts, these oils have extremely short shelf lives of up to a year. Afterward, they rapidly degrade, regardless of what you might do with them or whichever stabilizer you added.
We can proudly boast that we did it in our night creams, despite the challenges - we at Sativa have created smart formulas containing these precious oils. We consider the fact that the shelf life of our creams is “only” 1 year a big advantage. 
There is one more thing: you can't add these oils to a day cream.  Because these precious oils are extremely delicate, they are easily ruined by ultraviolet light (like your skin!). The by-products of their degradation may cause skin reactions. This is the reason why we always warn our customers not to use our night creams during the day!
There is no hyaluronic acid in our night creams because although great in a day cream, this substance may cause swelling overnight. Instead of hyaluronic acid, we put the following active compounds into our night creams:
  • Disodium Acetyl Glucosamine Phosphate - hyaluronic acid precursor. It is a building material for the skin to produce its own hyaluronic acid (swelling free!).
  • Calcium Ketogluconate – again, a substance enhancing the skin’s own hyaluronic acid production.